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Thank you for visiting this website. May God bless and keep you each day, and may you know the love of Jesus Christ more deeply as you walk along from day to day. Please read the About Page to see the fuller purpose behind this website. Thank you so much for stopping by!

This website began with the publication of two books, Uncovered No More: clothed by God and Uncovered No More: loved by Jesus. Both volumes were unpublished in June of 2014. At the present time, the second volume is under re-release edit through Tate Publishing as a second edition. Updates on progress will be forthcoming.

Uncovered No More is a prayer and testimony ministry. Cara is the author, and the entire Beaty-Coffey family is involved with the development of this ministry. Cara has family according to the book of Revelation and the "white stones" therein. This statement has to do with the 144,000 remnant people of Revelation and the relevance in the modern day of the entire chapter of Revelation 22 as stated on this website in the blog article The Clouds of Christ's Return.

The website has gone through several edits from February through July of 2014. If there are blog articles linked within other blog articles, sometimes the linked articles cannot be reached. It is because those articles were deleted but the links not edited out. Cara is not comforted to forget the pain of that journey deleted from this blog at this time.

This particular "blog book" was concluded on December 2, 2014, and that is the blog article Conclusion after which Cara also wrote an Addendum and Endnote.

For I AM forevermore