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Thank you for visiting this website. May God bless and keep you each day, and may you know the love of Jesus Christ more deeply as you walk along from day to day. Please read the About Page to see the fuller purpose behind this website. Thank you so much for stopping by!

This website began with the publication of two books, Uncovered No More: clothed by God and Uncovered No More: loved by Jesus. Both volumes were unpublished in June of 2014. At the present time, the second volume is under re-release edit through Tate Publishing as a second edition. There is no release date on that book.

Uncovered No More is a prayer and testimony ministry. Cara is the author, and the entire Beaty-Coffey family is involved with the development of this ministry. Cara has family according to the book of Revelation and the "white stones" therein. This statement has to do with the 144,000 remnant people of Revelation and the relevance in the modern day of the entire chapter of Revelation 22 as stated on this website in the blog article The Clouds of Christ's Return.

The website has gone through several edits from February through July of 2014. If there are blog articles linked within other blog articles, sometimes the linked articles cannot be reached. It is because those articles were deleted but the links not edited out. Cara is not comforted to forget the pain of that journey deleted from this blog at this time.

This particular "blog book" was concluded from November 22, 2014 through January 23, 2015. However, Cara feels there are some stories which should remain as silent as the grave until such time as the Lord releases The Untold Story of Uncovered No More which is written and stored for future use.

As is stated within I Wish Christian Men Understood:

The rest of this blog article was indeed allegory. I removed it January 23, 2015, and placed it within my private blog files. The truth of the matter is simply that Christian men by and large really do not understand the Bible in my prophetic experience. This is true about those men who are within my generation and the one preceding it. And therefore, my ministry is severely held down in the United States of America. Until certain Christian men get a grip or die, I'm moving underground deliverance-wise as a ministerial level prophetess and I am divorced from the entirety of American Christianity. I won't step in your churches anymore, either, because you cannot use my ministry and since I'm a prophetess, your serious issues of unbelief and lukewarm passivity, among other love-grown-cold symptoms of demonic oppression, attack me and mine on a regular basis. There are plenty of other Christian women living that way. They are slowly being healed in the Name of Jesus and doing the work of the book of Second John in the meantime. As for me, I live within Revelation 19-22 every day of my life. Jesus Christ came to me in the spirit realms twice now; once as the Gardener on December 22, 2008 and once as the Husband on October 18, 2014. I do not see Him; it is the gift of faith that I carry according to John 20 and 21 along with the calling of a prophetess married to Isaiah in the spirit realms as was testified to me by a young man dreaming it while living on this property in 2012 by which I can with certainty list these two dates as being times when the Lord met with me. From June until October 18, 2014, the Lord came down to me upon the wings of an angel as according to Psalm 18, and that testimony is written on this website.

Sometimes, and particularly within the writing of 2013 and 2014 as I realized more deeply the calling on my life up until that second visitation with Jesus Christ on October 18, 2014, I will write showing how I walk alongside other ministries that will not acknowledge Uncovered No More for whatever their reasons which I respect but must work around due to their negligence. Those ministries and others who know Uncovered No More personally and/or within a congregational context are within my private writing as 42 points of forgiveness retention according to John 20 and the 42 generations of Jesus's life spoken in Matthew chapter one. This forgiveness retention is to protect them and make my life bearable in the flesh. All people involved are released on either their last breath or mine into forgiveness seventy times seven unless they choose to see me face to face and ask my forgiveness while stepping into a meaningful place alongside Uncovered No More.

For I AM forevermore