comforted by the Holy Spirit

Thank you for visiting this website. May God bless and keep you each day, and may you know the love of Jesus Christ more deeply as you walk along from day to day.

Cara Coffey gives all glory to God for all testimony on this website. She is only writing what she sees as miraculously accomplished by the work of the I AM upon the Earth. If she repents, it is in the spirit of humility Christians are told to use so they can be lifted up for such a time as this. Her repentance is not a statement of negativity about anyone she has stated on this website.

Cara Coffey is a gatekeeper in Austin, TX. There are two heavenly openings on the property where her family, including her parents, reside. This website blog is testimony. It is not prophecy. Therefore, the testimony cannot be judged according to First Corinthians 14; however, Cara has faithfully asked her husband about doctrine at home and remained silent in the congregation as a woman with prophetic gifting her whole life with the exception of a couple of times when Curtis and her did not understand what to do with Cara's gifting. If any reader finds what they deem "a problem" with the testimony, please contact Curtis on the contact page and he will speak with you about it. This is as according to First Corinthians 11 as it concerns Cara Ann Coffey, the author. Thank you.

Cara was born April 14, 1966, and this is sixty years to the day from when the Azusa Street Revival began on April 14, 1906. In addition, and to validate this ministry, Curtis & Cara's firstborn son was born on the same day in 1993, and he is the first namesake of Cara's brother who died 33 years before Cara turned 40 years in the Lord. This all communicates prophetic numeric facts to testify to the truth of the ministry of Uncovered No More as according to Matthew chapter one.

Christianity is defined as both the Catholic and Protestant on this website though Cara has resided within the Protestant Church her entire life. However, her maternal grandmother was a Catholic woman who lived across the street from a Catholic church in San Antonio, TX for a majority of her life. Cara, and her Grandma Klonek, both had ten children whom they named by unction of the Holy Spirit just like the women of old in the Bible.

The Holy Spirit has set Cara's family life to cover all leadership (be that father, brother, and/or husband) allegorically for prayer purposes across the Christian Church of America first, and then worldwide by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ for the Jew first, and then the Gentile according to Isaiah 61. Cara is "married to Isaiah" in the spirit realms as testified in her second book.

The name Robert ("bright fame") has been with Cara for her whole life in her paternal family, and the Coffey's tenth child is named Robert after both Cara's father and one of his brothers who built the houses where the two gateways are located. If you see any of "Robert" in first, middle, or last names of Christian people in America, Cara has been praying alongside them for her entire 47 year life allegorically.

The name Edward ("rich guard") has conspicuously shown up in Cara's life since her infancy. Curtis is Edward in the middle name along with Robert Edward Coffey. Both sides of the Beaty-Coffey union have the name Edward in grandparent, parent, and child generations. God used all these names to protect Cara as she prayed across all three realms, the entire Bible, and across the United States altogether since the time of September 2008 when the Lord began to reveal to Curtis and Cara what Uncovered More was as a ministry.


Cast of Allegorical Characters on this website: Little Sister is Cara; Brother Adam and Husband Adam are Curtis Edward Coffey; Mama and Daddy are Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr. and Mary Virginia Beaty; Father Adam and Mother Eve are both Robert & Virginia Beaty and Curtis & Cara Coffey; Grandfather Adam and Grandmother Eve are Robert & Virginia Beaty. Cara also will inform any readers who she is allegorically occasionally in writing. Readers can understand the allegorical place she is within concerning the Bible to be stating what she does. Refer to the people in the Bible to understand historical, and current, spiritual, emotional, and geographic relevance to interpret what she is praying for and testifying to.

Large prayer endeavor articles: Jar of Hearts and a Prayer List, Part One; United States Prayer Initiative, *Updated Weekly*; A Double Moon Prayer Initiative, Part One (and several other parts); and A Close Look at Matthew 18, Part Two.


Cara Ann Coffey acknowledges her writing can be wrong, in anger, or in judgment. In which cases, Cara asks any readers to forgive her. It is not nor has it ever been her intent to judge anyone as she began to write; therefore, she asks for reader compassion. What she has faced in the second heaven has been hard even for her to understand, and she repents for when she falls short in writing. She also edits things when she sees a need or when Curtis calls something to her attention. Thank you for your consideration.

This blog was edited in a final way in February/March of 2014. I suppose it will go through minor edits from here on out, but the suffering I went through to accomplish the above linked prayer initiatives was removed from my writing, and I need to testify how it was so. I am thankful for this mercy from God today, March 1, 2014.