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~Uncovered No More is written by Cara Ann Coffey~

Five pages of this 12 page blog were unpublished on May 19, 2015, and will remain so until after the fourth blood moon of September 28, 2015.

Within the 12 pages, and within a second unpublished blog roll, many things have been testified according to the book of Revelation and in real time. At the time of the fourth blood moon, it will be seven years total.

There are blog articles linked within other blog articles within the full 12 page blog that are not any longer available for reader review, and that is because I will leave the essence of what has happened on this blog within it's record: those articles are now within The Untold Story of Uncovered No More and they will not become public ever again. Some things ought never to be told in the love, mercy, and grace of God.

Retention of Forgiveness
John Chapter 20

A Marriage Announcement
Concerning Being Cut

All of this work is forgiven seventy times seven upon their last breath or Cara's. The goats of American Christianity are released in forgiveness according to Psalm 109 when the two people heading up the public list breathe their last or Cara does, whomever comes first, in Jesus Name, Amen. If anyone knows Curtis & Cara privately or are involved with UNM on a ministerial level, obviously against your will and hers at this point, and suspect you may be within these prayer initiatives, you may contact Curtis via email to work out details of discharge. In all cases, you may also assume some of the lessons Cara has had to learn just to survive the scant testimony written on this website have been unnecessary, and those lessons were taught to her painfully by you. Though she has released forgiveness for some of it, her dignity nor the honesty required of her due to the issues inherent within ministerial prophetic boundaries of the life of UNM preclude her from anything but retention much to her dismay. Cara desires freedom; she has none in the spirit realms still as of May of 2015. She wholeheartedly does not thank Protestant American Christianity for mishandling UNM so exorbitantly. Idolatry is wickedness, and have we not seen it on Tara's right and left, left and right within the Christian world across time since Jesus Christ left to prepare mansions? Yes, we have seen it according to the sin within church borders clearly expounded upon in Revelation chapters two and three alongside the second injured beast of Revelation chapter 13.

Now let us see further proof of beautiful realities of Revelation, and the whole Bible, in this same testimony in Jesus's Name, Amen. Cara longs to write at Uncovered No More again; she longs to write the new story and release the rest of it unpublished at the moment (May of 2015).

Many Christians are proclaiming how the judgement of God is coming (Revelation 14:7). This statement is true (Revelation 20:13-15).

Cara equally testifies how the earth will not be stricken by a curse again (Malachi 4:6), how the curse is being removed (Revelation 22:3), how judgement begins in the House of God (First Peter 4:17), and how the temple of God comes down out of heaven (Revelation 21:2) at the same time the law is fulfilled (Matthew 5:18, Luke 24:44) while judgement is being completed across time. She knows the 144,000 remnant people across time; behold, they follow Jesus Christ around doing His Will according to Revelation 14:1-5. Amen.

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